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We want to practice a Sustainable lifestyle but are vary of looking around for solutions. It’s easy to know about chemical free products but availability is a challenge.
The availability and the price both act as challenge for anyone to go for it initially.
The good news is; there is a possibility to fill this gap! We, in our group are pleased to have Sustainable Living Product Creators (SLPC) who have given up their financially lucrative careers and dedicated themselves to creating toxin free sustainable products which would complement mother earth as well as our health and well-being.

SLCC possibilities

  • As an SLCC, you become a connection creator between Sustainable Living Products seekers and our SLPCs.
  • You get connected to people around you who have the sustainable living spirit within them, and you connect them to our larger SL family. Product becomes a medium of connecting to the sustainability spirit.
  • Your efforts are realized through Sustainable income. Thus ecology & economy go hand in hand and that is what is true Sustainable Living !

How to become an SLCC with the right spirit :

  • Minimum one month of Sustainable Living Group membership.
  • Practising at least any two Sustainable practices at home like responsible plastic recycling, home composting, organic food gardening, reusing water etc.
  • Completed the primary level of Food Gardening & Sustainable Living course by Mr Hemal Patel. This helps set the right context for you to understand the beauty of sustainable living group and how it functions as a framework for all sustainability lovers.
  • Use the Sustainable Living products yourself so that you become confident about your products.
  • SLCC training

Invite you to join us and feel the pleasure of connecting to sustainable thinkers & making a difference...


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