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🐈 The fact is you guys are such an inspiration. Our Indian wisdom is priceless coz once we were so close to nature but in past few decades we have totally drifted away from it.
🍅 I thank Sharad for introducing me to this group And I salute Hemalji for his relentless efforts

- Ninad muskawad

🐓 I m very proud to be a part of this life is changed in positive ways.. My concern...some products like Rithai are quite costly..common people can't afford to use it..I think, some little cheaper sources should be introduced to cover more people in the movement

- Shraddha Prabhune

🐋 Certainly I love this group. This is the only group which keeps me away from uninstalling WhatsApp. It fills me in with great optimism due to constant and tremendous efforts by sustainable living champions that one day things will change for good and everyone will follow the sustainable way of living.
🐝 Maybe I am not able to contribute to this purpose today due to some reasons but tomorrow I know that I'll definitely do my best to achieve an green sustainable environment

- Amit

🍏 Sustainable lifestyle is going to preserve & protect the natural resources over a longer period. On this group we get lot of such insights and tips related to that. Proud to be a member of this group. Datta Nikam

🍌 Glad to see all essential and motivating info on this group..the events arranged at the store are really good I always try to attend those.. n the store is wonderful.. Food gardening workshops are great

- Anuja, kothrud

🍵 Actually, we here have many things organic , but this group provides much more useful and appropriate details, thank you

- Shilpa Vadnerkar, jalgaon

🌿 A lot to learn about how to live a good life and how you can contribute for today and tomorrow

- Atul Kumar Gosain - Pune, Native: Rajasthan

🐷 Love this group with like minded people. Else I was considered an alien with these holistic lifestyle thinking of mine ๐Ÿ˜Š

- Apeksha Jain from kharadi.

🍏 It's a blessing to have an Organic store near you, which has high quality products available at reasonable price & most important , the store owners & product manufacturers are highly ethical

- Akanksha

🍅 Yes I am learning a lot from this group and feeling lucky to be a part of it.

- Deepa Sirur Paud Road. Pune.

🐈 Being a part of SL group I've learnt immensely about ancient, sustainable food which we were never aware of. I truly believe these learnings from SL should be incorporated in schools so our children learn vital knowledge about growing own food, protecting nature and living in harmony with it.

- Rakhi Kashyap

🍍 One of the turning points in my life has been joining this group... It gave wings to my passion for a better and healthy lifestyle... Learnt so much and still learning.... The journey goes on.....

- Neeta Agarwal

🍠 My life is getting transformed and my perspective is changed after being part of this group. Grateful to all of you

- Anugrah Latkar

🌿 May not be lnteracting much...But read each and every post...And thankful to you all ....For giving many perspective on environment.... God bless you all....๐ŸŒป๐Ÿ˜Š

- Nusrat

🍠 My baby steps to heal the environment got bigger & broader after joining this group. Thanks a lot for such power packed sustainable initiative

- Natisha

🍏 SL grp is very informative,inspiring & educational grp. Sustainability which was only in our thoughts & words have now been practiced daily by us

- Renu Mahesh Lulla-Dhule,proud to be a member of SL grp

🐓 Definitely Like this group is helpful for my organic terrace garden and all information that we get here for quality products. Specifically the beeman amit's activities are very inspiring, I don't see so much of activities in pcmc where I stay, I share these updates in my other groups for their awareness. Thanks for being with us

- Preeti Kholam

🍍 This group helps a lot in day to day living and we are following some of the best practices shared in this group at our home. Great work Sustainable Team.

- Aniket Agao -Hadapsar

🍏 I love this group. It's a good reminder for me everyday how to live a better life. I am making it better everyday for my family specially children, giving them this knowledge and love to watch them do these things. Dr. Nikhil Mehta's tips also helped a lot. And Hemalji's post I always look forward to. So a big YES . And I'm spreading sustainable love around.

- Rachna Gandhi

🐈 Gr8 to be a part of this GRP# Get to know new concepts,/good things about health,food , environment # ,our queries get solve here # Like minded ppl #

- Sheetal Sabnis, เคชเฅเคฃเฅ‡

🐓 I'm from Bangalore..... I keep telling my ppl in Pune about all d activities organised by u guys..... Recently an acupressure workshop was there which my cousin participated in n it was really helpful for her

- Ashwini Ogde

🍏 Highly useful information shared on the group. Gained lot of knowledge on sustainable way of life. Changed salt, oil and milk after learning from this group. Attended terrace gardening. Started wet composting at home. it does help me in the way to accept things

- Monika Shah, Swargate (Shankaraheth Road).

🌶 Very helpful group and we found about the Sustainable store through this group where we always find good organic/natural food. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks,

- Isha, Baner.

🌿 Am learning a lot through this group. Very glad to belong to this family of responsible, environmentally sensitive and conscious citizens. Hope this family continues to grow and grow.

- Rahul Sane, Sai Vihar Soc., Karvenagar, Pune


🍅 Thanks for the team for taking hard work and doing such gr8 work for the society/Nation. the group's informative posts are very useful and slowly our Traditional Indian living style and food habitats will be rejuvenated.

- RahulC, Sukhsagar, Pune.

🍏 Hi this is Chaitanya from Pune. Its been great pleasure to be part of thid group. Certainly my knowledge has enriched day by day. Now I have started using rock salt at home. Recently I have also set up bucket composter at home. Slowly I am trying to adopt sustainable living. ๐Ÿ˜Š

- Chaitanya

🐔 it is very useful group, it is related with our day to day living life in healthy and pro-nature way, all members sharing and discussing useful topics to the point, thanks for creating and managing such a nice group

- Nitin Daware,Place: Pune, Hadapsar

🍍 It's one of the genuine source of health and healing *wisdom for both mind and body.* Great to be a part of the family.

- Amol Rao

🐈 It is an excellent forum for like-minded health and environmentally conscious people.

- Deepak Soman

🌶 This group has introduced me with healthy, pure and natural life. Everyday getting very much help full information for betterment of our lifestyle.. Thanks.

- Yashada, Warje, Pune

🍠 This is the only group on whatsapp which is very useful and informative.Thanks a lot sustainable family.

- Priya