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Sustainable Practices of our Proud Sustainable Living Pune Members.

🍅 I upcycle plastic bottles, glass bottles into planters and lamps.

🐞 I refurbish old furniture.

🐝 I design my own furnishings,bags by using old bedsheets/curtains/ clothes etc.

🍠 I do composting using kitchen waste and dry leaves.

🍒 I am encouraging people to donate dry leaves instead of burning them.

🍍 I am successfully creating more awareness about growing our own food simply by practicing it myself.

🍏 I consume organically/naturally grown food.

🐓 I use earthenware.

🍇 I use few drops of naturally extracted oils (thyme, lavender) in water for bath & floor cleaning.

🐈 Encourage carpooling and go walking where possible.

Deeply grateful for being associated with this group.

- Sustainable Practices Of Neha Karnik

🐓 When heard about hazards of transfats, we closed our new bakery unit. Installed capacity of 1.5 tone products per day is still taking rest since 2006.

🐋 Diversified to make Traditional sweets, namkins that too without vanaspati ghee, branded milk and preservatives. Instead we collect A2 milk of non stressed desi cows of nearby forest for some products.

🍤 No trading of chocolates, biscuits, colas, oil based icecreame etc. in our shop.

🌶 In fact we motivate customers, children to read, understand what is written on the food packets.

🍌 In this odyssey we lost it all. So called profit, social reputation, credit ranking etc People just laughed at us. Still we continued for a limited segment.

🍵 Now we are in production of naturally filtered real cold pressed oil on wooden ghani machines. Thanks to our Dr.Nikhilji Mehta for his hearty encouragement.

🍈 is really a "Top of the world feeling" as, at last, we have somethings to offer in purest form.

🍒 Still some miles to go for backward linkage of nearby farmers, plastic free packaging, revealing bitter truth of sweet mithai.

Proud to be a part of this group as we get inspiring energy here. First time in last 17 years !

- Sustainable Practices Of Milind Ambavane

🌿 We make compost and eco enzyme from kitchen leftovers and have not given any kitchen waste since more than a year.

🌪 We grow few of the veggies myself and source organic/ethically grown food as much as possible.

🌷 We both cycle and avoid taking car out as much as possible.

🐓 We carry cotton/reusable bags for shopping and try to avoid plastic usage as much as possible.

🐔 We help and inspire people around me to follow these practices and introduce them to Sustainable lifestyle.

🐷 We consume desi cows milk from Malayji knowing how well the cows are treated.

🍏 We had given up non-veg couple of years back and are now happily living vegetarian lifestyle.

🌿 I do not buy or use leather shoes/belts etc.

🍅 We never throw any seeds from the fruits we consume and whenever we travel outskirts; try to plant them as much as possible.

- Sustainable Practices Of Nitin Sharma

🍏 I have given up eating whatever little non-veg I used to eat to give company to family members.

🌶 I have made my family members give up eating non-veg.

🐓 I had to do this cunningly - first getting fish as pets. Then visiting a local family to source desi eggs and pointing out to my family members that their leg pieces were real individuals living in a family of their own. Shall we take one of them home to kill and eat?

🐈 I have pet fish in our home and we keep visiting an expert on fear rearing.

🍅 The kids have learnt how sensitive these creatures are to changes in salinity, temperature and availability of timely food. We have made initial mistakes and the loss of a pet has instilled the importance of environmental equilibrium for the life of fish.

🍍 We do not go for international holidays personal shopping bags reuse whatever plastic bags inevitably come home, to dispose garbage participation in plantation activity jeevamrutha for home plants.

🍠 I collect the water disposed from the RO filter and use it for various odd jobs in the kitchen, and for mopping, filling room coolers.

🌿 I always buy appliances with the highest energy efficiency done away with the use of the microwave oven.

🍅 We visit farmers and gau-shalas as a fun family activity.

- Sustainable Practices Of Juhi Mittal

🍠 I use cloth bags for shopping.

🍏 buy organic vegetables and fruits.

🍏 use organic stuff like grains oil soap shampoo .

🐈 make ecoenzyme at home.

🌪 I make reetha shampoo at home.

🍍 make mosquito repellant at home to artificial cosmetics.

🍏 make compost at home.

🐈 Trying to grow my food at home.

🐓 I want to add one more ...

🍏 discarded all non stick utensils and switched over to steel copper brass and clay for cooking.

- Sustainable Practices Dr. Shobhna Shahji

🌶 Me along with my better half , we compost , have built some composter designs and using it for 3-4 years. Haven't thrown a single brown leaf for past couple of years.

🍠 We use plastic consciously We strive to consume Toxinfree food.

🐓 We have decided to mold our carriers in sync with Nature. And decided to earn only through professions which will conserve the nature.

🌿 We teach kids to observe Biodiversity and try to develop sense of wondering in their tender minds.

🍅 We make our own Utana, Manjan, Hair wash, Hair Conditioner, Utensils cleaner, floor cleaner...etc. to avoid toxins in home.

🍏 We don't use TV, But use social media heavily. I use social media only for Ecology.

🐈 We don't use Car, decided not to buy one in whole life ..till now successful. Whenever it is necessary we book Ola or Uber. In winters we try to commute on cycles to our respective offices.

🐔 We don't use AC , will not use whole life.

🍍 We avoid air travel as much as possible.

🐈 One single air travel could be whole years carbon budget for a farmer.

We are fortunate and proud to be associated with organisations like Ecological society, Jeevit Nadi, Sustainable Living group and Jeevidha.

- Sustainable Practices Of Aniket

🌶 I am in love with the wonder material that is plastic, so I use it sparingly, with respect and awareness.

🍠 Take sessions on Toxin Free Living and also practice what I preach.

🌿 Use toxic water that comes from PMC to clean my floor, toilet and bathroom, does not add any cleaning agents, organic or non organic.

🌪 Just boil PMC water to remove dissolved chlorine. Totally stopped using any water filter since 2010.

🐔 Shave after taking a bath, so avoid unnecessary use of shaving cream.

🍏 Instead of eco friendly soap or any other stuff I exfoliate my skin to keep it healthy and clean.

🍅 Consume toxin free food and vegetables.

🐋 Saved my child from Vaccination poisoning.

🐈 Has been TV free since 25 years.

🍠 Study various aspects of ecology and sustainability to design products and solutions.

Proud to be part of this amazing group.

- Sustainable Practices Of Niranjan Upasani

🍏 I have stopped using aluminium in kitchen from last 8 months, also stopped using refined oil.

🐈 I get organic fruits and groceries for my family.

🐓 I am learning Panchagavya chikitsa, through this i have started preparing medicines at home.

🌿 Nobody in my family uses toothbrush n toothpaste, we use Panchagavya DantManjan.

🌪 We have stopped taking tea.

🌶 I have not vaccinated my daughter (she is 3yrs old nw), rather i had not preferred Allopathy medicines in pregnancy period. I give home made butter & nasya to my child to ensure strong immune power.

🍠 We drink deshi cow's milk since last 2 years.

🐔 Educating my family members and friends. about such important things.

🍏 I focus on spreading awareness about sustainability and Ayurved as guided by Dr.Rajiv bhai.

🐈 I am yet to start composting my kitchen leftover, but will start soon.* since last many years we use plastic bags as less as possible.

🐋 We perform Agnihotra Daily since last 1 year.

🍍 I did not prefer play school for my child, also not taken admission in nursery this year, I teach her Bhagwatgeeta Adhyay and many other stotra daily.

- Sustainable Practices Of Vaishali Babar

🐈 Reduced use of plastic. Stopped throwing it in dustbin. Giving it for recycling. Stopped using any agents for floor cleaning.

🐔 Composting and growing own vegetables Reduced use of detergents, soaps Involvement of my daughter in all my activities Making garbage enzyme Shifting towards toxin free food Fortunate to be associated with SL group .

- Sustainable Practices Of Kalyani Kulkarni

🍏 Our society recycles plastic waste Thermocol.

🌪 We also do composting of wet waste n dry leaves.

🌿 We have recharged bore wells n rainwater harvesting n now we are fitting aeroters to kitchen taps in all flats to save water.

🍏 We have been using organic food since last 8 years.

🌪 We have stopped using tv since last 4 years.

🌿 We make our own toiletries like hair wash, body wash etc.

🐈 We make our own cleaning products needed for utensils, clothes, household cleaning.

🐔 We do not use beauty products, shaving cream etc from the market.

🍠 We do composting of kitchen leftovers at home.

🌶 We do kitchen water recycling at home. We keep a small bucket in the sink and collect the water used for washing vegetables etc which would otherwise go waste.

🍍 This year, we have started brown leaf composting in our society.

🐓 We pushed for and last year managed to convince our society for rain water harvesting.

🐈 We try to make organic products available from producers directly to the people we know.

🍤 We have started organic farming on our farm.

We try to spread awareness about sustainable living.

🍏 Reduced use of plastic.

🐔 Reuse old clothes for different cleaning purposes, storing veges in fridge etc

🍠 Recycle every piece of plastic.

🌶 Don't use any cleaning & personal hygiene products or cosmetics.

🌪 Use all natural & biodegradable, nontoxic products.

🐓 Dry lemon peels, orange peels, mango peels & use in body wash, hairwash.

🌿 Compost with brown leaves & kitchen wealth.

🐈 Use cloth purses, no leather.

🍏 Keep distributing cloth bags to friends, relatives by stiching from old sarees.

Sustainable Practices Of Shailaja Deshpande

🌿 We all family members use panchgavya manjan,panchgavya soap for bath. I made it at home and given to relatives and friends.Encourage them to use toxinfree product.

🍠 I use 50% utensils made of soil (matichi bhandi) for cooking.For cleaning those I use gomay ash. Stopped using aluminum utensils and pressure cooker.

🐋 We use plastic cautiously always keep cotton bags with us while going to buy anything especially vegetables.

🌶 We use organic products buy directly from farmers who grown it naturally.

🍏 Me and my husband don't take tea and also encouraged other family members and friends to leave this habit.

🐈 Using electricity very carefully with due respect of national wealth.

🐈 We are not using TV from last 7 years. Stopped using washing machine from last two years. Not buy AC.

🐔 I have not thrown single piece of paper also on road or public area from 2008.I keep waste in my bag while traveling and keep it properly in dust bin only.

🌿 I start using cotton pads in MC period. Used cotton pads for my son also when he was infant.

🍍 Since last two years did not go to doctor,I prepare home remedy and get cured.

🍏 I am not giving vaccinations to my son,now he is 3 yrs old.

🌪 Doing Agnihotra from last 6 months.

🍅 No use of cosmetics, dio,perfumes, moscito coil liquid,cockroach Sprey. We use desi cow urine and salt for floor cleaning which help us to get rid from moscito and cockroaches.

🌶 I will start Terrace gardening in June.

I follow Dr.Rajiv Dixit for ayurved.

- Sustainable Practices Of Vijaya Mohite.

🌿 I love mother earth so I practice following things.

🌶 I have developed my own terrace garden and grow my own veggies.

🍏 I make jeevamrut at home and have stopped using chemical fertilisers.The results are amazing.

🐈 Also made eco enzyme from fruit peels and shall make floor cleaner household usage once it's ready.

🐈 This is for our rivers one of the jeevansarita projects.

🐔 I make reetha shampoo and also use it for washing clothes.

🌿 We have compost bins and have also dug a common pit for our society compost.

🍍 Plastic bags are no no and we use home made cloth bags.

- Sustainable Practices Of Mugdha Bhokare.