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2 Day Transforming Healthy
Living Course using Ayurveda
Transforming 2 Day ( 4+4 Hrs) Food/Terrace Gardening and overview of Sustainability

Get organic /ethical Vegetables, Grains, Pulses, etc from local Farmers.

Get A2 Milk, Desi Cow products & Natural Groundnut, Sesame, Coconut Oils

Get more than 300 sustainable products from 40+ sustainable champions.

Dariya Dil Dukan
Dukaan for moneyless sharing with love and gratitude!

Sessions on Toxic Free Living & Healthy Living through Ayurv- edic Lifestyle

Setup & Learn Food/Terrace Gardening & Learn Arthapurna living.

Sessions on Mitra Kida, Honey Bee Conservations & waste mgt

Sustainable Solutions to Housing Society, Schools, Corporates

Our minds getting distracted by changing lifestyle, unverified media/sources and non-sustainable approaches, resulting in corrupt food, ill health of our body, society,environment and mind.

Awareness creating champions, who left their well set profession and working for Sustainability since years, succeeded to restore distracted minds to good extent. Regional (around Pune) product creating champions of SL group started providing us good quality organic, ethical products. Our Vision is Sustainable Living Integrated Solution Centre developed in every town/locality, driven by local champions, producers & farmers eventually boosting local economy, with global knowledge