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Course and overview of Sustainability

Vision is about serving Mother Earth so that in return we are producing & preserving abundance for future generations.

This vision is seen by conscious individuals who see their children as care takers of nature & not exploiters of nature.

This vision a Sustainable economy is created & thereby is running on Ecological principles of conscious actions towards ecology.

The mission of Sustainable Living through its primary connection medium WhatsApp group would be create 100 such WhatsApp groups or suitable application on which a large number of users have presence.

From these 100 such groups we would reach out & educate 15000 citizens into highly evolved conscious citizens of sustainable living.

As this would be a ongoing process through this 15000 citizen, Sustainable Living will reach 1 million people around the world who would in process reach 100 million citizens through a process of chain.

Through education & raised consciousness this 100 million citizen will exchange concepts, products & services like never before in a Sustainable manner.

Connect, Educate, Integrate & Evolve to more conscious living systems. Apart from WhatsApp we are present of Facebook, Twitter, E-magazines & host of other publication & content creation independent media


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