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Amit is a mechanical engineer by education and he worked with a reputed France-based MNC as a software developer.

In 2013 Amit's life took a different turn when a bee colony was destroyed by a pest control company at his residential society. After seeing the cluster of bees suffering and dying due to harmful chemical spraying during this process, he was disturbed and realized that this is not the right thing to do. He wanted someone to do something for these bees. After few days, he started pondering why that someone can't be myself? That's how he started bee conservation in Pune city.

Now Amit is a Honey Bee specialist and a social entrepreneur by choice and destiny. He has founded Bee Basket Enterprises Private Limited and Bee Basket Society to work with the bees. He and his team conserve bees in Pune city; they teach tribal and farmers modern method of honey harvesting with wild bees, and bees that can be domesticated. Moreover, they buy back the honey and other bee products at reasonable rates from those people at the bottom of the pyramid, empowering them and improving their lives through their work.

During the honey harvesting process by Amit and his team, the bee colonies are not burned or destroyed and this process allows them to harvest honey multiple times from a single comb. This harvested honey is pure, hygienic, and raw as per Ayurveda. It is also free from eggs and larvae of the honey bees or any other contamination.

He also conducts awareness workshops for corporates, schools, colleges, residential societies and many other social gathering. He is also planning to train people on urban bee keeping to encourage people to grow their own honey.

Currently, along with his team Amit has undertaken many CSR projects related to honey bees to increase the crop yield, livelihood projects and harvesting bee products.

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