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Earlier IT professional and now a cow-boy. Exciting isn't it. Yes he worked in IT for more than 10 years, went to Scotland for doing masters in computers, got job and worked in London for 4 years. Then took a life changing decision of coming back to India to become a farmer.

It's been three years Vishal has been doing farming now. He was very fortunate to have 10 acres of agricultural land very near to Pune developed by his father in Mulshi.

Vishal started as a farmer by setting up a poly-house of 1 acre by growing Gerbera and Dutch roses. But from last 2 years his interest has been completely shifted to working with Indian breed cows. He feels proud and happy by supplying pure A2 milk to more than 50 families in Pune everyday.

Along with this, he has started practicing farming by zero budget natural farming method. Jeevamrut, compost, enriched ready soil are few items he producing and supplying to terrace gardeners in Pune made out of Desi cows urine and dung.

Recently he has done Panchagavya chikista course and very soon will be awarded as Gavyasiddha - that means can cure any diseases by using 5 gavya from desi cow like Milk, ghee, dahi, goumutra and gobur.

Vishal feels farming is a proud profession for the reason it gives him the freedom of doing things he wants and most importantly offer pure joy and keeps him content.

Obviously it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. It does not happen accidently. He says when you have a responsibility of 25 cows you need to give them priority over family many a times.

Now a days he is known as A2 milk man.

His motto is - Farming for future generations...

 MR. Niranjan Upasani Pune.

Mr.Vishal Deshmukh