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Course and overview of Sustainability

This is known fact that changing lifestyle, eating habits are having adverse effect on humans, along with human being the changes are also reflected on environment, flora and fauna, crops, health of birds and animals. This adverse change has not spared the rural area. However, the real question is who will take a responsibility and work for sustainable living. But there is a team of young change agents in Pune, which is creating the awareness about environmental strains and things, having negative impact on to humans. This team is not only creating the awareness but also started a shop named “Sustainable Living Store” which sales only environment friendly items and organic farming vegetables. ‘Sustainable Living store’ is a new venture done with investment by employees from IT companies, environmental experts, manufacturers of sustainable products and young farmers.

Our group was discussing about constructive ways to minimize negative impacts of climate change, wrong eating habits, stressful lifestyle on health and ecosystem. For example, if we take case of utensils and cloth washing at home, earlier we use to have ritha, Shikakaee for utensil washing or cloth washing. In last 20 years we are using detergent cakes or powder which are having harmful chemicals the gray water outlet is directly connected to rivers. This is harming ecosystem of river by water contamination, killing fishes and even farming has affected with polluted water. The impact is severe on farming and life of rural people. The dustbins roads are full of plastic, citizens are not following simple sense of wet and dry garbage separation. This is creating cities and villages more and more ugly and contaminated. Our group debated and worked on various action plan in last two years. Initially we started with exhibitions of environment friendly products, this helped us for creating awareness, ad also started with demand for these products from people who care for environment, considering this demand we started a Sustainable Living store.