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Sustainable Living Family of 1000 + delightfully invites to participate in this quest of sustainable Living at our Convergence on March27th Sunday in Gandhi Bhavan, Kothrud. At  Convergence  there will be stalls with following themes,  those will  provide an opportunity for participants to know in depth about themes of Sustainable Living

  • 1] Organic Terrace Gardening
  • 2] Jeevitnadi
  • 3] aste water recycling
  • 4] organic waste recycling
  • 5] Ayurvedic Lifestyle
  • 6] Ethical & Organic Foods
  • 7] Sustainable Jewellery
  • 8] Healthy Edible Oils
  • 9] Dry waste Management
  • 10] Upcycling Plastic
  • 11] Sustainable Urban Living
  • 12] Recycling Paper 

Sustainable Living Convergence(27th March - 2016) is a event  to discuss, share, synergize, showcase on concepts, products & services with regards to Sustainable Living in Pune. The event will bring Sustainable Living Family under one roof at one place to understand and share each other's way of Living.

Sustainable Living Family is a group of urban citizens in Pune & India who are practicing or in realization to follow lifestyle which complements Nature for well being of future generations. More than 700 + conscious members with diverse backgrounds connect with each other through the common thought & commitment to live a Sustainable Lifestyle. 

Above all these members love to create abundance for the coming generations & hand over a vibrant & live planet to them. They see this planet as Mother Earth who gives, gives & gives without asking for anything in return.

This group was formed in January 2014 & since last 2 years have connected like minded individuals from Pune & around India. Now after a span of 2 years seeing the vibrancy on its 5 WhatsApp groups there was a urge to meet physically, connect deeper & understand each other's core competency.Hence Sustainable Living Convergence on March 27th 2016 was planned & scheduled.

In morning 10am onward Sustainable Living Family members shall be part of Convergence event while in evening 5pm onwards we shall have convergence open for all citizens of Pune to explore concepts, products & services with regards to Sustainable Living in Pune.